I’m a Producer. My Production Company is called Presence. I have a keen interest in clean transport at Primetime EV and was one of the first UK videobloggers documenting the ownership of a small Indian battery electric car called a GWiz at Dannys Contentment.

Film and video have always been a big part of my life – starting out with a super 8 camera and a production company at school called half term productions. We made bad sci fi movies with sparklers, bangers and our toys hanging on fishing gut.

I’ve spent much of my career working with brilliant storytellers. Directors, animators, other producers and writers. I’ve followed video’s growth on the web closely. Audience and consumer behaviour is a big part of what we do in advertising. I’ve been lucky enough to learn to use open source software and the help and education from others on the open web is truly breathtaking.

Now I’m looking at the intersection of where content makers and the web are becoming democratized through decentralisation and the block chain. This makes for all kinds of interesting conversations over IP and ownership and where open source might be headed.

You can email me at dfleet at presence dot team