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Technology provides us with fantastic tools for creating premium content at low cost. There are a few watchouts that you should be aware of when embarking on a production, and I’ve heard many stories of disasters on shoots when proper planning did not take place.

  1. Be clear about your objectives with all cast and crew before the shoot. Make sure they know what results you are aiming to achieve and where the film will be distributed.
  2. Draft contracts to make sure all the necessary agreements are in place regarding usage, especially where actors are concerned. Find release forms online and make sure your are covered for all eventualities.
  3. Consider Insurance. Are you filming in a known location? What is your public liability cover in case something goes wrong. A small event such as the camera department dropping a heavy piece of equipment on themselves can have huge implications for their working lives.
  4. Brief the editors early and be realistic about what you want to achieve. How will the post production be managed?
  5. Think about distribution and the effectiveness of your chosen project. Where will you place it? How long do you want it to run? Will it need more episodic content to follow up? Think about how you can feed the hungry beast of audience if your film is a success.

These are some of the starter thoughts you might want to consider. Send me an email if you need more advice. And get out and make stuff!

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